Envision Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer Thermacell. Thermacell is a radio frequency device aimed singularly at tightening loose skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite! The requests for just such a treatment have been innumerable.

Many devices profess to target skin and cellulite. Sadly, most fall short of the claims made or work only for a select few.  Thermacell is in a league of its own. Now consistent and reproducible results for skin tightening can be had.

Thermacell uses radio frequency energy in the form of electromagnetic wavelengths to penetrate the skin. The pain-free (really) treatment produces thermal energy or heat in the superficial tissue and skin surface. The heat causes the collagen fibers to shrink producing tighter and smoother skin.

Thermacell treatments are like a trip to the spa. The hand piece has five round contact points through which the energy flows. The light pressure and continual movement makes the procedure feel like a gentle, warm massage.

The goal of each treatment is to warm the skin to 45 degrees to maximize skin tightening. Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve best results. Each treatment takes about 25 minutes per area. Patients may notice a change after the first treatment; however, six sessions are recommended for the best results.

Thermacell was developed in Britain and has started a virtual revolution in the cosmetic industry in England and Europe. Learn more about High Profile Technologies, the developers of Thermacell here

Come find out what the excitement is all about. Enjoy the most reliable, pain-free method of skin tightening available with absolutely no downtime. Consults are complimentary. Call today and enjoy the new you tomorrow.

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